The unprofitable maintenance and management of the converted to a floating boat exhibit HELLAS LIBERTY , which is one of the three remaining ships in its category and which was given by the United States Government to the Greek Republic - and the objects to be exposed, through which:

(a) The contribution of the Liberty ships to the struggle against Nazism and Fascism during the Second World War,

b) their historical role will be highlighted in the renaissance and recognition of Hellenic Merchant Marine, after the end of the Second World War,

c) the work of Greek Navy and Shipowners will be presented, as well as their participation in the economic reconstruction of Greece during the postwar years,

d) the continuation of our naval tradition will be promoted, with the cooperation and participation of all Greek Merchant Shipping agents and finally

(e) the community will be informed on the need to protect the sea and on the ways and means by which this will be achieved.

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