SS Hellas Liberty is Liberty class ship launched in 1943 by ST. John’s River Shipbuilding Company. She was converted into a pipe carrier in 1944 and used in the construction of a fuel pipeline under the English Channel following the Normandy landing. After the war she was laid up. She was chartered by AT&T in 1956 and converted into a cable ship. In 1957 she was transferred to the US reserve fleet until 1964. Later she was classified as a barge and again laid up at the James River in 1983. After that many components including the rudder were removed and used as spare parts for the SS “JOHN W. BROWN”.

Today only three Liberty ships survive: two in the U.S. and the SS HELLAS LIBERTY here in Piraeus. Thanks to ex-ICS Chairman Spyros M. Polemis initiative and continued efforts, the ship was donated by the U.S. to the Greek government in order to be converted into a floating maritime museum.

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The friends of Liberty Association (est. 2012) is dedicated to the preservation of the SS Hellas Liberty as a living memorial to the Greek seamen who sailed in Liberty ships across the ocean of the world and to honor the contribution of the Greek shopping community to the Greek nation and its economy.

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